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Free Avira Internet Security 2012 license

Do you love Avira? Have you been wanting a brand new Avira Internet Security 2012 license? If so, then we have some good news! Avira is going to give everyone who enters this Facebook promo called “sweepstakes” , a free Avira Internet Security 2012 license.

The length of the licenses will depend on the amount of new fans that Avira Facebook page gains during this campaign. For every 10,000 new fans that join community, Avira will add one month to the length of the licenses. In other words, if it gains 120,000 new fans during this campaign, then the Avira Internet Security 2012 license that everyone will win will last for one full year.

This is a community effort, so recommend that your friends become fans of Avira and enter this sweepstakes so that they can win, too! Once you enter the sweepstakes, you’ll be able to contact your friends and encourage them to join.

Start spreading the word, and let’s see how many new fans we can gain and how long everyone’s free Avira Internet Security 2012 protection will last!

Free Avira Internet Security 2012 license:

  1. To enter the contest go to Avira Facebook Fan Page : and click “Like” button.
  2. Next clcik “Enter Sweepstakes” , then click “allow” and Proceed to fill a simple form.
  3. That’s it, check back when the campaign ends and invite friends
  4. The campaign ends on October 17, 2011 @ 09:00 am (PDT)
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