AVG Mobilation : Security App for Android Tablets

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Today security firm AVG Technologies launched AVG Mobilation, a security software for Android devices. AVG claims it is the first antivirus option designed for tablets.

AVG Mobilation app is based on AVG’s AntivirusFree, a free security solution which deals only Android smartphones. According to AVG the app offers users all sorts of tools to help keep their tablet device safe and running smoothly and securely.

Why should you need a security app for your (Android) tablet?

According to recent industry reports, 2011 will be the year when tablet devices go mainstream as millions of people will be browsing, loading personal data and using multiple apps on their tablets

Tablet devices become increasingly popular the potential for exploitation from cyber criminals grows proportionally.Also the Android platform is open source, making it easier for cyber criminals to find vulnerabilities in the system and exploit them to get elevated execution permissions, unaware to the user.

With ANTIVIRUSFree for Android tablets (AVG Mobilation for Android), Android tablet users now have peace of mind knowing that their valuable data and device is protected, using cloud based security technology that is simple to use, always up-to-date, and light on the device and battery life.

AVG Mobilation for Android features

  • Scans apps, settings, files, media in real time.
  • Find lost or stolen tablet via Google maps.
  • Backup and restore valuable apps and data.
  • Lock and wipe device remotely to protect privacy
  • Kill tasks that slow tablet down


Download AVG Mobilation for Android :

AVG Mobilation is available for free with advertisements or pro version available for $9.99 with no ad banners. To get the app on your Android device visit Android market and search for ‘AVG MOBILATION’ or download the app from here.

  1. I disagree that open-source makes it easier for cyber criminals to exploit Android. With its source open, the code will be far more patched and secured by various security experts than any closed-source OS. That will make it harder to find weaknesses.