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AVG Technologies released a free plugin for web browsers called AVG LinkScanner, With it, users can have the advantage of using technology provided by the largest developer of antivirus in the Web world to help in the security when browsing. AVG LinkScanner is designed to keep users away from accidentally visiting sites hosting malicious code and other dangerous sites

AVG LinkScanner protects Internet users from all those sites that host malicious code, thanks to scanning technology used by Avg link scanner with which it checks each individual page that you visit in real time, typical of AVG, and relies on the information provided by users and famous search engines live Live, Google or Yahoo!


As LinkScanner checks each individual page that you visit in real time. That means if one particular Facebook page or Twitter profile includes a malicious exploit LinkScanner can block just that page.Thus, not only traditional website’s are blocked, but AVG LinkScanner can also help visitors to social networks like Facebook or MySpace, or Twitter to stay safe and prevent them from being accidentally visiting sites or links that contain malicious code.

AVG LinkScanner is compatible with Windows Vista and XP, versions 32 and 64 bits, and with Internet Explorer 6 or higher and Firefox 2 or higher browsers.

Previously we posted a list of 5 free Tools to Detect Dangerous websites,now we can update that list to 6 with Avg Link scanner.
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Download : AVG LinkScanner

get support at : http://freeforum.avg.com.

Official website : Avg