AVG Internet Security 2018 Free for 1 Year

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AVG Internet Security 2018 is a  reliable and efficient security program for keeping malware off from your computer.The program is faster and uses less memory, so you may find it a better choice if your computer is quite old or slow.

AVG Internet Security covers the things you will need to protect your PC: anti-virus, anti-spam, Firewall, email protection, web-browsing protection and identity theft.

The security program also has some utilities built-in, like a PC “tuneup”, including registry fixer, defragger, junk file remover and file shredder.

Another notable thing it has is a drive encryption tool called ‘data safe’, it allows you to create a special protected virtual drive for important files.

AVG Internet Security 2018 is fully compatible with windows 10, it offers controls that will work in both touch-screen environments and for keyboard and mouse desktops, it should work well for whatever environment you are running it in.

AVG Internet Security 2018 UI & Functions :

AVG has a habit of updating interface of its products every two years, the new look introduced in 2015 edition is carried over to 2018 edition with minor tweaks.

However, under the hood AVG introduced significant changes and the biggest change is the introduction of cloud-based protection, which uses data sourced from others and advanced artificial intelligence to detect malware in real-time.

Another notable change is the improvement of behavioral monitoring, now it is much smarter in the new version.

AVG Internet security offers real-time, on-demand and scheduled protection, and safeguard you against rootkits and malicious links.

It can also protect your privacy through AVG Identity protections, additionally, it will boost performance of your PC by finding & fixing the problems with ‘AVG PC TuneUp’ module.

Coming back to UI, it user-friendly and it couldn’t be much easier, most of the settings are on-off variety, while most of the mechanics are handled behind the scenes.

When you launch AVG, on the main screen you will see 5 modules or components, through these you can control almost all features of this security programs.

Clicking on each module will show what it’s intended for and through ‘toggle’ you can turn on& off the features.

For instance, by clicking on ‘Computer’ module you can know whether your Antivirus is enabled or not and manage or create safes or virtual drives.

To manually scan your computer or launch other 3 types of scan, you need to hit the ‘Scan now’ button on the main screen.

Conclusion :

Although AVG Internet Security 2018 doesn’t offer remarkable protection when compared to  Kaspersky or Bitdefender.

but otherwise it has solid systems tools for providing decent protection to your PC and wonderfully easy to use.


AVG Internet Security 2018 Free for 1 Year:


Update [16/12/2017]:

Today’s heise.de Advent Calendar is offering One year Subscription of AVG Internet Security 2018 for free, all you need to do is-to download the online installer [3.47 MB] from this link:  avg.com/download-internet-security-2132

Next, launch the installer and complete the installation process, it automatically adds 1 year Subscription of AVG  IS 2018 and doesn’t need any payment/cards information.

Note: The above link offers 1 Year Subscription for today only [16/12/2017], afterwards the link offers only 30 days trail.


[Old Article]

Just  download the AVG Free Antivirus Online installer from here, run the installer, download required files and complete installation.

Once installation is completed, launch the AVG main window, click on the Menu tab, then click  ‘About–> Subscription’ and hit ‘Enter License’.

Next, enter below license code and this will give One year subscription of AVG Internet Security 2018, finally update the components of the software and restart your PC.


AVG Internet Security 2018 License number :


I tried this code on a Windows 10 PC, you can notice the screen shots that the Subscription of  AVG IS 2018 is available till 10/30/2018.

Note : Above license code was intended for AVG IS 2016, but still works for latest version (2018).