AVG AirSpace Launched

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AVG the most famous Free Antivirus provider entered into cloud storage with ‘AVG LiveKive’ which provides online backup solutions. The beta version of AVG LiveKive is codenamed as AVG AirSpace and it is released.

AVG LiveKive or AVG AirSpace is considered as alternate to Dropbox. AVG LiveKive also provides 5GB of storage for free and automatically backs up all of your content online, allowing you to sync, access, or share anything from anywhere.

What is LiveKive™?

AVG LiveKive™ is a free, cloud-based storage solution that offers customers a completely new approach to safeguarding their most valuable information. AVG LiveKive provides simple, safe and reliable storage that makes the process of archiving and sharing content as intuitive and secure as keeping money in a bank.

Why LiveKive?

  • Stores your content off-site ensuring your data is always safe
  • Eliminates software, hard drives, DVDs, or USBs
  • Helps you find and recover files quickly
  • Automatically backs up all your digital valuables
  • Syncs data from multiple computers to one account

AVG LiveKive™ allows you to:

  • Automatically back up all your files, photos & music online
  • Sync multiple PCs to one account
  • Access all your digital valuables from anywhere in the world
  • Share files safely with family & friends

Get AVG AirSpace:

Visit AVG AirSpace, fill out a brief survey and a registration form.

  1. Thanks for info.This app restricted by the IP address country you visit from..if i click the link presented,page redirect to AVG free AV page,but if i use VPN,everything seems to be OK.