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Avast 7 Beta Released

AVAST Software released Avast 7 Beta, this first public beta previews the functions and features of their upcoming security software Avast 7. If you wish to try or test the beta you can download Avast antivirus 7, Avast antivirus Pro 7 and Avast internet security 7 from below listed direct download links.

The latest version Avast 7 bring several new features, among them the Prominent features include : New User Interface,revamped installer, cloud based technologies such as FileRep,Streaming Updates and support for Windows 8.

Four Prominent Features in Avast 7 Beat include :

1. Revamped Installer :
After downing avast 7 beta the first change you will notice is the new installer, that allows users to install certain core modules based on their need. If you’re unhappy with a regular Express install (install with default setttings), you can try the custom installation, which provides options to install a typical, minimal or custom version of the security software on the system, for instance users can install or block core components such as firewall, sandbox, spam filter,browsing protection and more.

2.New User Interface :
The security program interface is redesigned, the new interface is clean and simple.The new UI allows users to access system status with just a click on the main window, on the left hand side of the main window you can see Summary, Scan Computer, Real-Time Shields, Firewall and clicking any of these gives you a summary of that area right away.

3.Cloud based technologies :

Avast 7 uses cloud technology to keep it up to date.It uses a hybrid cloud approach, where the user downloads the software but updates are push out to them over the cloud.Generally you may have seen Streaming of music and movies,now Avast Introduces Streaming Updates with new version. Avast aims to update the software 20 times a day to begin with, but this will rise along with the number of viruses discovered.

“Our Virus Lab adds about 25,000 new virus signatures daily,” said Vlcek. “Instead of waiting for an update two or three times a day, users will get streaming updates as new malware is discovered throughout the day.”

Avast 7 also includes another Cloud based service called “FileRep”, which connects to the cloud to set up the safety of websites and individual files.

4. Windows 8 Support :
Avast 7 Beta is compatible with all windows OS versions and recently released Windows 8 Developer Preview.So you can install it and run on Windows 8 Developer preview version.

Other notable features are improvements to the Sandbox and to the browser protection and a remote assistance feature for users to help their family and friends, import/export settings, and more.

Avast 7 Neww features

Also you must know that this is the first beta and you can face problems , for instance avast already listed few know problems.

Known issues
– In some cases, WebRep Chrome plugin is not installed correctly
– The Safezone browser is opening each time when you switch back and to the Safezone
– Plugins for Outlook 2k3 and 2k7 show “runtime error” message
– Sometimes autosandbox toaster does not close correctly
– Problems with avast sounds on Win 7 and Win Vista
– Remote assistance feature sometimes crashes on Win 7 32b, Win Vista 64b
– avast! account functionality is disabled
– the help hasn’t been updated yet, it’s still from v6
– many of the translations haven’t been updated yet, so you’ll see new items in English.

Download Avast 7 beta :

According to your interest, you can download beta of either avast 7 antirvus free version or Pro (the commercial antivirus) or internet Security edition from below direct download links.
Download avast 7  internet security.(beta)
Download avast 7 pro version. (beta)
Download avast 7  beta  free version.

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