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Ava Maker is a free Online Avatar and NFT maker

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Ava Maker is a new, free online tool that lets you make your own cartoon avatars and profile pictures for social networking sites. By clicking the “Random” button, you could create thousands of different avatar pictures.

Create and download your own unique avatars to make yourself stand out. There are ready-made avatar styles that are in style and have a lot of different elements. Both SVG and PNG images can be used. You can also make an NFT with it!

Avatars come in handy when you’re forced to use a picture on a website but don’t want to use your real photo as a profile pic. Instead of your real photo being displayed in games, forums, and chat rooms, you can use an avatar instead.

About Ava Maker:

Most online services, like online forums, offer users dozens of avatars that they can use right away as a Profile Pic. If you want to make your own avatar, you can use the web app called Ava Maker. Using this web app, you can make an avatar by choosing different parts, like the nose, eyes, beard, hair, etc.

Visit the webpage: https://avamake.com/

Ava Maker - Online tool for Avatars

The web app does not require any registration and offers four different avatar styles. But each style offers a wide choice of customization. In particular, you can choose the eyes, clothes, eyebrows, mouths, noses, and hair to generate quite different results. Additionally, the color of many components can be altered.

If you’re ever out of inspiration, you can create random avatars by clicking on the “light bulb” button next to the avatar you’re looking at. When you’re done, you can save the avatars as PNG or SVG files.

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