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AV Video Morpher is an all-in-one movie editor for personal and home entertainment, the program is excellent for playing movies and video clips, as well as for doing other video editing tasks such as adding subtitles, voice dubbing, adding audio and video effects, video format converting, video clip cutting, etc.

AV Video Morpher is also able to capture video images, remove voices from video clips, so that you can replace them, and burn DVDs. However, the best known feature of the program is its library of diversified, real-time audio and video effects that are perfect for creating high-quality video clips with less effort, especially for the novice users.

AV Movie Morpher is also an interesting movie player which offers many effects to apply on your movies. It can also help you modify your DVD movie by cropping and trimming it in the ‘Converter’ area.There is also a ‘Funny Space’ feature, which will connect you to a website from where you can download a lot of interesting things, such as funny ringtones, funny sounds, or funny cartoons.

AV Movie Morpher 3.0 Features :

-Movie Player with Multiformat Playback
– Easy Audio Capturing
– MP3 Player with Multiformat Playback
– DVD Converter
– Video Clip Maker
– Advanced Title and Subtitle Editor
– A Huge Library of Real-Time Video Audio Effects
– Fast DVD/CD Burner
– Effects Mixer
– DVD/CD Eraser
– Real-time Movie Morpher
– DVD/ CD Cover Editor
– Image Catcher
– Special Effects
-A Huge Library of Real-Time Video Audio Effects
-Advanced Title and Subtitle Editor
-Voice Remover
– Movie Voice Dubber

AV Video Morpher 3.0 For Free :

AVSoft Corp the developers of video Morpher is giving away $49.95 worth AV Video Morpher 3.0 license or serial to all their visitors on one specific day March 10, 2012.

“We have co-operated with the Giveawayoftheday.com website system to run product giveaway programs on their website. From what we have observed so far, our products have received a lot of attention, and after each offer we received so much great feedback from users about our products, and that process was very useful to us in understanding users’ current needs and what we can do to make the programs better,” said Tracy Nguyen, Brand Manager of Audio4fun.com. “However, because the Giveaway Programs were run on their website, there were certain limitations on what we could send to our users. So there came a day when we started to think that we should build our own Giveaway Program on our website, to especially serve our users, and provide them with more benefits,” added Nguyen, “We are really looking forward to starting the program; we even marked the day on our calendars as our ‘Big Saturday.’”

In order to get AV Video Morpher 3.0 FREE copy, please follow below simple steps:

  1. On March 10, Sign-in to your Facebook account and visit AVSoft Corp Facebook page
  2. Click “Like” button and then click on “
  3. Note: This giveaway product is only available on March 10, 2012. Share this with your friends so you all can enjoy good times together.


    1. It’s real. Please join our Facebook page to get it.

      This giveaway product is only available on March 10, 2012. Share this with your friends so you all can enjoy good times together.

  1. It is 3pm in the afternoon here in Australia, the countdown timer has reached zero and I cannot get to the download button behind the popup.

    What time is the giveaway supposed to be available today ??.

    1. Good news it became available at 4pm Australian time. One wonders why the clock was not synced to the correct timezone – it sort of defeats the purpose of a countdown if you ask me.

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