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AutoMouse Pro Free License -Automatic mouse clicker & Recorder [Windows]

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AutoMouse Pro is a program that works on computers using the Windows operating system. It can help you do mouse clicks automatically or remember, save, and play back what you did with your mouse. It’s super fast!

About AutoMouse Pro:

This software lets you record your mouse movements and clicks so that you can play them back later. This can be a significant time saver if you frequently perform the same actions.

Sometimes, having a special tool to do mouse clicks for you can make a big change. Not everyone needs a special tool to do this, but it’s there for anyone who wants to use it. Some computer mice even come with a program that already has this feature built-in.

AutoMouse Pro UI

UI & Functioning:

One of the best things about AutoMouse Pro is that it is very easy to use. It doesn’t take an expert on computers to figure out how it works. Start the software, click “record,” and then do the things you want to do automatically. When you’re done, press “stop” and then “play back” to see what you did. It’s really that easy!

Before the app does mouse clicks for you, you need to set things up. It’s easy to do and won’t take much time, so it’s perfect for people who like things to be quick and efficient, not just fancy.

It also supports shortcut keys, which are convenient. It only takes a few clicks to toggle the auto clicker, select when to record, and select when to replay your inputs, and none of these actions requires the app window to be in focus.

Key Features of AutoMouse:

  1. Automatically simulate clicking on a fixed position at high speed.
  2. Record mouse movements and play them back.
  3. Save mouse clicks to a file.
  4. Replaying loops and simulating what the mouse does.
  5. Delay Mouse Simulating and Clicking.
  6. Both Left & Right Mouse Buttons Clicking Available.
  7. Global Hot Keys.
  8. Hot Keys Customization.

Get AutoMouse Pro for Free:

Download the giveaway version from this link or from this link [1.12 MB].

Install the software and launch the app. Click the “Upgrade Pro” button.
Enter the below license code.


AutoMouse Pro License