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Auslogics Internet Optimizer is one of the module in Auslogics BoostSpeed 5, the PC maintenance and optimization suite (which costs $50).But AuslogicsInternet Optimizer is released as a free tool for personal use which aims to speed up your internet connection in a couple of clicks.

This tool will speed up your Internetconnection by optimizing many settings like Max MTU and RWIN specifically for the type of Internetconnection you use. Unlike other similar programs, AuslogicsInternet Optimizer will first test your connection settings before applying any changes. Internet Optimizer is very easy to use and provides comprehensive information about each setting that should be modified. Experienced users can tweak all settings manually.

Now when you begin with Auto optimization screen you can select the type of inter speed you have either Fast (Above 1 Mbps) or Average (below 1 Mbps) or slow (128 kbps or lower).If you are not sure you can take the advantage of the application’s offer to test your current connection speed.

After selecting your internet speed and clicking “Analyze”, the app will scan for suggested improvements and produces a comprehensive report which suggests the settings that should be optimized.Now when you click to optimize the suggested recommendations, the program will finish optimization your internet connection and will request you to restart the PC for the new settings to take effect.

My experience:

After rebboting the PC, I experienced a marginal improvement in the speed other than that I didn’t see any drastic improvement in the connectivity. Actually by default Windows 7 OS is very good in maximizing connection speed and I think Auslogics Internet Optimizer will be helpful for novice users and for those who experience any issues with their connection.
Also I recommend to try the tool as it is free and we don’t lose anything, but if you experience any connectivity problems after using the tool, hit the”Rescue Center” setting in the application. But I strongly recommend creating a restore point first before installing this app and I wonder why it is not included in this app as it is necessary for these kind of optimization softwares.


Home Page : Auslogics
Download :Auslogics Internet Optimizerv 2.0 [5.86 MB]