Auslogics Benchtown : Test your PC PC Speed and Performance

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Are you sure that your computer is running at its top speed? Then check out this freeware windows tool called Auslogics Benchtown which will help you find out the real speed of your PC.

Auslogics BenchTown runs multiple system performance tests that push even the latest hardware to its limits.

The program thoroughly checks your CPU, RAM, HDD, and graphics card, and gives you a rating score based on the performance of your system.

This will allow you to find out whether your PC could be even faster. You can then compare your score with thousands of users from around the world on, discuss your PC’s configuration, find out which hardware you need to upgrade and resolve the issues that may be affecting your system’s speed.

BenchTown tests the following computer subsystems to measure PC performance:

  1. CPU
  2. RAM
  3. HDD
  4. 2D Graphics
  5. 3D Gaming Graphics


The program gives you a score based on the performance of your computer at the end of the test. It also generates a complete system performance and system configuration report that you can share with your friends and other computer enthusiasts or use for troubleshooting your system. Even though the tests performed by the program are thorough and advanced, BenchTown is light, fast, efficient and very easy to use.

Running benchmarks on a regular basis will help you keep your hardware up-to-date and your PC fast and healthy.

System Requirements

The following minimal configuration is recommended to run this product.

  • 7/Vista/2008/XP/2003 (32-bit and 64-bit supported)
  • 32 Mb of RAM
  • 50 Mb of available disk space

Download Auslogics Benchtown