Aurora HDR - Award Winning HDR Photo Editor Free License [Mac/PC]

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Aurora HDR is an award-winning HDR Photo Editing Software from Skylum. This simple and fast HDR photo editing software available both Mac and Windows users.

Aurora HDR is a joint project between Skylum and Trey Ratcliff (most famous HDR photographer) to produce a plug-in and standalone piece of software for creating HDR images.

On Amazon store, Aurora HDR 2018 sells for $99 and there’s an offer to download this award-winning software for free.

Visit this giveaway page:

Enter your name, email address, and hit the “Submit” button.

Next, in a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation email from Skylum Team (

Click the confirmation link and you will receive another email from Skylum team. This email provides the license code and the links to download the installer for both Windows and Mac systems.

In case if you need the setup file, get it from the below links.

For PC:[327 MB]

For Mac:[175 MB]

Note: This offer is available until 29 May 2020

Aurora HDR activation code - License

Install the software, when you launch it for the first time you will notice an activation window.

Click the “Activate” button, then enter your email id and the activation code you received through the giveaway page.

Finally hit the “Activate” button to register the product.

Aurora HDR 2018 is the world’s leading HDR photo Editor.  This software makes creating incredible HDR images fast and easy.

Aurora is great for multi-exposure bracketed images or single-image tone mapping. You’ll love using it on your landscape, architectural, real estate, cityscape, “urbex,” and many other genres of photos.

Innovative tools, extreme speed, and great user experience will help you achieve your finest natural-looking or ultra-creative HDR photos ever.

AURORA HDR Pro interface

Precise Tone Mapping: 

The perfect merge is the perfect start to your final HDR masterpiece. The super-fast Tone Mapping engine aims for the most natural results possible.

HDR Presets:

With astonishingly powerful presets from Aurora HDR masters like Trey Ratcliff and Serge Ramelli, plus presets tailored for specific photography styles like Realistic HDR, Indoor, and Landscape, you’re literally one click away from stunning images.

HDR Editing Tools:

Whether your style is a totally natural look, or you lean towards the artistic side of creative, Aurora has you covered.

Go any direction you like with dozens of powerful controls, developed specifically for HDR photography.

History Panel :

Aurora’s history panel puts true non-destructive editing at your fingertips.

Easily dive into different styles and combinations, then back up and explore other paths on your way to perfect image.

Plug-in Versatility :

Aurora plays nicely your other favorite photo software. Whether you work in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, Apple photos, or Aperture or Macphun Luninar, you’ll always have the ultimate HDR tool at your fingertips.

Single photos or multiple exposures, natural or wild, you will find your own unique style and create your best HDR images with Aurora HDR 2018.