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Augmented Strings Intro Synth Plugin by Arturia for Free

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Augmented Strings Intro is a new virtual string instrument (VST) released by Arturia that works on both Windows and Mac. This is a new set of immersive acoustic instrument sounds coupled with an abstract synthesis that morphs.

This brand-new VST plugin blends sampled sounds with cutting-edge synthesis. It produces natural-sounding strings while being more versatile than sample-based virtual instruments.

To celebrate the launch, Arturia is offering this plugin free for all users until April 30th,2022. Once you redeem it, you can keep it for free.

Arturia offers breathtaking plugins based on a wide array of instruments. This is a great deal because plugins from them can cost anywhere from $99 to $700 each.


Click the blue-button “Free Until April 30th”.

Login to your account or create an account (verify your account) and once again click the blue button.

The license (serial number or unlock code) for the plugin will be added to your account. You can check this info under the “My Products” section at

Augmented STRINGS Intro License

Download & install the Arturia Software Center (ASC). Log into the Arturia Software Center and install and Activate your product through the ASC.

About Augmented Strings Intro:

Augmented STRINGS comes with a simple interface that has eight control knobs, and it’s easy to use. It lets the user change things like the Morph and Color settings. They can also change things like the Motion, Time, Motion Delay, Reverb, FX A, and FX B.

When it comes to controlling things, the Morph knob is the most interesting one. It lets the user move between two different sound layers, which can make big changes in the sound just by twisting a single knob.

All of the presets come with two layers of sound that are made from samples of strings and other types of synthesis. According to Arturia, the new plugin incorporates subtractive, wavetable, harmonic, and granular synthesis techniques.

The instrument lets you try out different sounds without having to learn about complicated synthesis or complicated parameter settings. There are only a few easy-to-use macro controls in Arturia’s user interface, so the user can focus on getting the sound just right.

The software is compatible with 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows (Windows 8.1 and later) and macOS (10.13 and later).

The official demo video for the Augmented STRINGS Intro plugin can be seen here.