Atmosphir, play and create your own Game

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Atmosphir, a free 3D adventure game and design tool by Minor Studios allows users to create their own games or their own gaming levels, then play on their platform (PC or Mac) and share them by uploading to Atmosphir website.

Actually Atmosphir is a Mario-like game for the PC and Mac, witha a easy-to-use level editor. The game has same kind of low end graphics and platform based gameplay like Super Mario 64. The big difference between this game and others like it is that Atmosphir will be released to the public for free allowing users to not only play the game but also create levels.

The tools provided by Atmosphir are split up into packages of “blocks” that are both interchangeable and feature simple gameplay devices like moving platforms, and various themed texture elements that let you build worlds with grass, dirt, and sand.

Atmosphir Features:

  • Explore thousands of challenging levels filled with puzzles, combat, secrets and old-school platforming
  • Play with a console-quality 3D graphics engine, right in your browser window
  • Join your friends in cooperative or competitive multiplayer matches and move up the leaderboard rankings
  • Customize your character and choose from hundreds of outfits, weapons and special effects
  • Design your own levels in minutes with a simple but deep editor tool
  • Atmosphir is currently in (closed) beta stage, but you can sign up through their site if you are interested in testing this or you want ou know when Atmosphir is ready!

    Homepage: Atmosphir