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Atlantis Word Processor is a lightweight, quick-loading word processor with a robust feature set for modifying and producing documents from scratch.

While Notepad and WordPad are included in all versions of Windows, they are no longer up to par with the requirements of modern professionals.  Atlantis Word Processor is one of several viable third-party options to consider.

The first time you launch the program, it will ask whether you want to spend some time customizing the user interface to your preferences. You can select between traditional toolbars and tool bands, change the size and spacing of the icons, and show or hide several extra toolbars.

You can see the effects of your changes immediately, which is useful for designing a user interface for writing and editing text (TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, COD, WRI). The menus, hotkeys, and toolbars in Atlantis can all be altered to the individual’s liking. Turning on and off individual toolbars is a breeze.

Atlantis Word Processor UI

If you are a power user, you will take advantage of a whole array of command-line parameters to launch Atlantis with specific options.

One of Atlantis’s defining features is the Multi-Document Interface(MDI). You can open any number of documents.

Atlantis Word Processor Features:

  • Create and format documents easily.
  • It has a Clip Library where you can modify and add to pre-existing graphical and textual elements.
  • Paragraph and font formatting options such as changing the typeface, font size, or font color are all available.
  • Hyphenation between words on separate lines can be done either automatically or manually.
  • You can make columns like in a newspaper and split up documents into subsections, with their own page margins and orientations.
  • With the Overused Words feature, you can see statistics about how many times a word is used and how often it is used.
  • Makes regular and automatic backups of all open documents.
  • Generate your files using a secure COD encryption format.
  • You can save your documents in a variety of formats, including RTF, Microsoft Word, DOCX, ODT, and more.

Developer page:

Get Atlantis Word Processor Full Version for Free:

Just download the installer either from this link or this link[2.8 MB].

This installer does not require a license key as it has already been registered.