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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 acts as a digital broom for your system, it sweeps the clutter and makes your Windows system clean and sparkling.

This all-in-one system tuning utility from Ashampoo does exactly what it says and justifies its name or title.

The software cleans the Windows registry, frees disk space from temporary files and application leftovers,

removes other clutter and browser traces, defrag your systems,

Customize the appearance of the operating system, manages active processes and

optimizes the startup process to improve system performance, enhances privacy and security on your PC.

There are Win10 Privacy Control and AntiSpy modules to protect your privacy by disabling services and system functions that may be used to send out personal information without your consent or knowledge.

Additionally, the software provides useful tools, including a file Encrypter & decrypter, Files Splitter & Joiner, undeleter, link checker, and duplicate file finder.

Actually, it has more than twenty tools to optimize and improve the overall performance of your Windows system.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 has a sleeker user interface and very easy to use, on the main window or the overview section details on your current system state and allows you to run a system analysis.

Simply Click “Analyze now” to scan your machine for junk files, performance impediments, and privacy threats.

Click “Settings” to customize the search and click “Optimize now” to resolve all detected issues.

With the Automatic module, you can enable/disable the various automatic features of WinOptimizer(Auto-Clean, Live-Tuner, Game-Booster) and review the 10 most recent actions. If needed, you can also export or delete the history of all actions.

With extensive system and hardware analysis capabilities built-in, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 also keeps full track of the health and integrity of your system.

Details about the status of your hard disks, disk space usage according to data formats or installed components are always just a few clicks away

The drive status for each drive is indicated by colored dots. Green means no issues were found, yellow indicates some issues were detected and red means severe errors were found.

Clicking the info symbol will open the HDD Inspector with further details.

On the main menu, when you click on the ‘Functions’ module, you will notice the comprehensive and all tools or functions included in this software suite.

Just point your mouse to any of the tools listed in this section to view more information about that tool or module.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 Overview

There is also has a handy tool called One-Click-Optimizer that allows you to quickly launch the basic optimization of the system, eliminating unnecessary files, registry keys, invalid, browser history, cache, and cookies.

You can also run the PC benchmark to measure the overall performance of your PC, you can find this tool under the Analyze System module.

The results can be sent online, to quickly compare the results with a range of reference systems and other systems submitted by WinOptimizer users.

This feature is really interesting for those who like to tinker with their PC for better scores or performance.


To optimize its security functions Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 also offers a backup module. Using the backup tool, you can undo all changes made to the registry or windows settings, delete individual or old backups, or select the desired backup to restore.

Key Features :

  1. Automatic system maintenance and protection
  2. Enhanced system stability and performance
  3. Modern, intuitive user interface
  4. Steady hard disk performance and system health
  5. Vulnerability analysis for enhanced security
  6. Improved system failure safety
  7. Effective privacy protection
  8. Various tools to delete, recover and share your files



Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 Free License:

Visit this promotion page.

Enter your email address to log in to your pre-existing account or create a new account and receive the license key or activation code.

Next, download the installer or setup file from this link:

Run the installer, complete the installation process.

Launch the WinOptimizer app, when you notice an ‘Activatio Window’ similar to the below screenshot.

Click ‘Enter Key Manually’  and enter your license code.

Next, click the activate button.

That’s it!

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 License Code



It’s common that installing Ashampoo giveaway software prompt you to get some bloatware or unwanted deals for your PC, just remove unwanted apps or avoid the deals and use the giveaway software if it’s useful to you.