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Ashampoo WebCam Guard as the name suggests it is meant to protect you from webcam spying. It gives you quick control over both the webcam and the microphone.

Webcams, like any other technical gadget, are vulnerable to hacking. It is a well-known fact that you can be spied on via your computer’s webcam, and just because this has not happened to you yet does not imply you are safe.

While you could tape your webcam, a more elegant solution to this security concern is to use an application that notifies you when the webcam is active and allows you to turn it off with a single click. Ashampoo WebCam Guard accomplishes precisely this.

The program employs a special algorithm to gain direct access to the hardware and disables it with a single click! And it’s as simple as clicking again to re-enable it whenever necessary.

This security application is simple to install and will be up and running on your computer in a matter of seconds. Its primary window is comprised of two buttons, one for each connected device: the webcam and microphone.

Ashampoo WebCam Guard GUI

Devices are recognized automatically, and two sliders are provided for powering on and off individual devices. That is essentially all that is available in the primary GUI; there are no other settings or options.

Ashampoo WebCam Guard can be set up to show a notification when the webcam is active or not. There is a Settings menu in this application that lets you quickly get to things like your device manager, your webcam, and your microphone’s privacy settings in Windows.

Key Features:

  • Easily turn your webcam and microphone on/off.
  • Prevents unauthorized webcam and microphone access.
  • Well-designed user interface for easy handling.
  • Disables hardware through a specially designed algorithm.

Get Ashampoo WebCam Guard for Free:

Visit this .

Enter your email address and click the “Request Full version Key” button.

Next, log in to your by entering a password.

Note: New users create an Ashampoo account.

The giveaway page will display the license code.

Download the installer or setup file from here:  Link 1 or Link 2[7.1 MB].

Run the installer, enter your license key and click the “Activate” button.

Click Next, complete the installation process.

Ashampoo WebCam Guard License Code