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Ashampoo Background Remover Full Version for Free (2023)

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Ashampoo Background Remover is a user-friendly software that lets you easily remove backgrounds from photos and images.

This Photo editing software simplifies cropping objects, removing backgrounds, and swapping them effortlessly.

It is a good option for beginners and casual users who need a quick and easy way to remove backgrounds from their photos.

Automatic Clipping

The software automatically recognizes and isolates the most important objects in your images, even fine structures like hair. If something isn’t cut out as you’d like, manual post-processing is available to make up for it.

Ashampoo Background Remover UI

Precision Tools:

This Ashampoo software provides two buttons: Remove (red) and Add (blue). These brushes let you mark areas for deletion or addition to the preselection. Precision isn’t necessary; a broad brush suffices. For finer work, just resize the brush as needed.

Automatic Bokeh: Adding Professional Touches

Once you’ve cropped your motif, you can save it as a PNG file with transparency. You can then combine this foreground with another background.

Alternatively, Ashampoo Background Remover also offers the option of blurring the existing background. This makes your image look much more like a professional portrait.

Ashampoo Background Remover Features

How to use Ashampoo Background Remover

To use Ashampoo Background Remover, just open the program and import your photo. It will automatically find the primary object and remove the background.

You can fine-tune the selection with the brush tool, add or remove objects, and when satisfied, export the photo with a transparent or new background.

Get Ashampoo Background Remover Full Version for Free:


Download the new giveaway version (build 40015) installer from this Link.

Run the installer, finish the installation, and when you open the software, you’ll see an activation screen.

Enter your Ashampoo account email, click “Next,” then add your account password, and click “Activate.”

Note: New to Ashampoo? Just enter your email on the activation screen, click “Next,” and create an account.

Ashampoo Background Remover Full Version

Previous Giveaway [Sep 24, 2023]:

Visit this giveaway page or this giveaway page.

On the page, enter your email address and click the “Request Full Version Key” button.

Note: If you’re new to Ashampoo Software, you must confirm your email address and create an account.

Once you’ve done that, log in to your Ashampoo account, and the giveaway page will show you the license code you need.

To proceed, download the installer for the giveaway version. You can find it from these links:



After downloading the installer, install it on your computer by running it. The activation process involves entering the license code provided and clicking the “Activate now!” button.


Ashampoo Background Remover is a user-friendly and efficient tool for cropping objects, removing backgrounds, and swapping them with ease.

Its automatic selection and masking capabilities, combined with the option for manual adjustments, make it a valuable asset for photographers and designers looking to enhance their images. While the software may not be suitable for more advanced workflows, it provides a cost-effective solution for more straightforward editing tasks.

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