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ASCOMP BackUp Maker Pro Free License [Windows]

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ASCOMP BackUp Maker Pro is an easy-to-use data backup software for Windows users.

ASCOMP BackUp Maker is a professional tool for making data backups. To save files and folders, you can quickly set up backup procedures because of the ease of use and the wide range of features.

Users can back up their important data quickly and easily with this Windows tool. They can also schedule automatic backups, put size and extension filters in place, and more, all while being able to tweak the process.

When the time comes to backup your data, it might be challenging to choose the best software for the job, given the abundance of solutions on the market. While experienced users typically know what is ideal for their use cases, what about less experienced users?

A simple backup tool, such as BackUp Maker, maybe what you’re looking for. It’s easy enough for anyone to use on the surface, but also has some more advanced features for those who want to go deeper into it.

Using the interface, this program is very clear about what it does and how it works. Do you wish to create a backup? Select “Backup.” The wizard will show you how to do everything.

ASCOMP BackUp Maker Pro UI

It’s easy to follow: choose the files and folders you want to keep, set up automatic backups, choose the type of backup, and choose the destination directory for the backups.

To restore a backup, you simply need to pick the zip file containing the backup.

ASCOMP BackUp Maker Pro Features:

  • Back-up to USB drives/sticks- Support of USB drives (internal/external).
  • Back-up to Cloud Storage.
  • Network support -Save files in/to local area networks.
  • Burn backups onto CD/DVD without the need of external drivers.
  • Backup types – Full backup/Partial backup/ Backup of changed files.
  • Automatisation – Interval backup/Time backup/Backup at Windows start/log-off.
  • Automatic backup -Backup without user interaction.
  • Backup format – Support for archives larger than 4 GB(PkZip 4.5 )
  • Protect backups with passwords (PkZip v2.0)
  • Strong encryption -Encrypt backups with AES 256-Bit.
  • Restore without the need for other software
  • Multi-language support.

Get ASCOMP BackUp Maker Pro for Free

Visit this new giveaway page or this giveaway page or this giveaway page.

Complete the form by entering your first and last names, email address, and preferred country, and clicking the “Send” button.

In a few seconds, ASCOMP Software will send you a confirmation email; please check your inbox.

Note: If the confirmation email does not appear in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.

Click the confirmation link to go to your ASCOMP account page and download the full version installer.

Also, if you have already signed up for ASCOMP Software, you can log in to your account at with your customer ID and password.

To get the full version of the installer, click the “Download Full Version” link on the site.

Run the installer, finish the installation process and launch the app, then enter your Customer ID to unlock the full version.

That’s it!

ASCOMP BackUp Maker Pro License

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