Artweaver 4 : Full Featured Free Painting Tool

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Artweaver 4 is a full featured free painting tool developed by Boris Eyrich Software, this Painting tool can be utilized by both beginners and advanced users. Beginners can use this painting  software to paint creatively with the help of a huge range of tools, you can create sketches from photos or just experiment with colors.  For Professional users, Artweaver offers layers, layer groups, selection tools and support for various file formats.

Artweaver is a free image editor for creating works of art.It has a wide selection of drawing tools simulating pens, pencils, crayons and more. Version 4 has tabbed interface, new effect filters and customisable previews of brush tools.

Although  Artweaver Plus version  costs € 29 and allows you edit brushes and palettes. The Plus version has more features than the free version, but the free version is more than enough for personal use. You can  see here for a feature comparison between both versions. Recently the developer  released  Artweaver 4, a major upgrade that arrived with many new features and improvements of existing features.

Artweaver 4 free

Artweave 4 free version can be used to create artwork  from scratch and make changes to existing pictures. The software offers few image editing tools that you already familiar ( for instance Adobe Photoshop) , these tools include : the magic wand, lasso, text tool, gradient and close stamp.

The software also comes with lots of powerful adjustment tools for improving your images, including auto levels, brightness and contrast, colorize, hue and saturation, and curves. You can work with layers to make changes to different aspects of a photo, you can resize, flip and rotate your images.

There’s also  a cloning tool,  painting with a clone brush is similar to painting with any tool, except that clone brush variants take their color information from a clone source instead of from the Color palette. When you paint with a clone brush, it picks up color from the clone source while you control the size and direction of brush strokes

Artweaver lets you draw and paint as you might with real artist’s tools and media. Thereby an infinite variety of marks are possible.

The brush tool offers users a wide range of preset painting and drawing tools called brush variants. Brush variants are organized into categories, such as Airbrushes, Calligraphy pens acrylics, chalk, crayons, oils, sponges and Pencils. They are designed with real media in mind, so you can select a tool with an expectation of how it will behave.

Just pick a brush category based on your interest, next choose a variant and you can configure it to suit your needs,  you can adjust the size, spacing, opacity and grain. These controls are located on the property bar, the property bar also contains additional controls for the selected brush category, such as resaturation, bleed, and jitter .


The latest version Artweaver 4  has brought  new tabbed document interface (makes switching between images easier) and  few cosmetic changes. Not just polishing the interface, the new  version arrives with  lots of tweaks and improvements such as renaming of some brush categories,a sample option for the dropper tool, additional choices in the shape tool , now the shape tool has more complex shapes (bat, crow, scooter , violin).

The latest version of the software also adds support for windows image Acquisition (WIA) devices, which makes it easier to import images from cameras and scanners. Artweaver is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7  and Windows 8 (each with latest service pack) .

Advantages of Artweaver Free

  • Support of many different digital brushes e.g. Chalk, charcoal, pencils…
  • A wide variety of adjustment settings to customize the default brushes or to create new brushes
  • Industry standard image editing tools like gradient, crop, fill and selection tools
  • Event saving and playback
  • Working simultaneously on the same document over the Internet
  • Support for the most common file formats like AWD (Artweaver), BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PNG, and PSD
  • Transparency, layer and layer group support
  • Effect filters like sharpen, blur, emboss, mosaic …
  • Editable text layers
  • Pen Tablet support for a realistic painting feeling
  • History function to undo/redo last editing steps
  • Extendible through plug-in modules
  • Support for many languages through language files


Artweaver is a  free painting software with many tools and features like layers and effect filters. The standout features include: Many brushes with detailed configuration options,  ability to work on the same document  simultaneously over the internet, event saving and playback, Free rotable and dragable canvas.

Download : Artweaver 4 Free [8.61 MB]