Archery physics shooting challenge

Archery Physics Shooting Challenge- Android Game Now Free

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Archery Physics Shooting Challenge is an android game now available free on Google Play.

For the next 7 days, interested people can get this archery game worth USD $0.99 for free.

On Google Play store this Android game has 500K+ downloads and received a 4.5-star rating from 17K user reviews.

To grab the game for your Android Phone or Tablet, head on to this Google Play link.

This is an offline game which works without internet connection so you can play it anytime and anywhere like the subway.

You never have to pay to win this game. It all depends on your archery skills that how well you can aim and shoot the target with your bow.

Apples and some other objects like glass bottles and watermelons are given as targets so you have to shoot them.

There are moving targets which you have to shoot with your brilliant strategy.

There are seventy unique levels in this game where you are given certain targets with a bow and many arrows.

Your goal is to shoot those targets e.g apples, glasses, bottles. You must be very careful while targeting because if you hit the girl the game will be over.

Bow and arrows in this game simulate real-world physics phenomena of projectile motion. Which means if you shoot the arrow it will bend down with distance like a curve so you have to imagine the hit location in the crosshair.

Aiming depends on the distance from the target. If you hit the girl then the girl will die like a rag doll.

Some levels are very interesting as well as difficult where you have to hit moving targets.

This game actually sharpens your archery skills so you will also become very good archer in real life.
Levels are very beautiful with amazing breathtaking graphics.

Features of Archery Physics Shooting Challenge:

  • Projectile motion for simulating arrow shooting physics.
  • 70 unique and mind relaxing amazing levels.
  • Realistic bow and arrow game.
  • Action based camera with slow-motion effects.
  • Very simple one-button controls.
  • Breathtaking beautiful graphics.
  • There are also some very funny moments inside.
  • Beautiful maps and environment and very relaxing background music.
  • Completely one time paid game so you will not spend any money inside