AppRemover : uninstall security applications without complications

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Any computer that comes with windows installed by default also brings a lot of programs, including antivirus ( say, Norton Antivirus) and we want to change for another (say, AVG AntiVirus Free Edition).

And here is where the problems come. As many know, removing a Antivirus or any of the complementary programs (anti-spyware, for example) is not a easy task. These programs always leave behind files and registry entries th that will cause headaches when we try to install different or new suite ( another Antivirus program) and you will require some knowledge and dedication to delete registry entries and others.

Precisely this is what AppRemover perform for you, helping you in this way can change whenever you want, including security applications. This program supports several of the most popular software suite and antivirus programs, such as F-Secure, TrendMicro, McAfee, Norton, Ad-Aware and SpywareBlaster.

AppRemover is a portable, still in beta, which will help you eliminate security applications without complications or setbacks.

Even though AppRemover is in beta, the list of supported applications is already impressive. AppRemover is free, and supports Windows XP and Vista.

The best part is that AppRemover is a very small it can even be run from a pendrive, which can also be part of your repair kit, to take with you anywhere.

Download Link: AppRemover