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AppLock Pro: $2.49 Android App Free for a Limited Time

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We all store personal data on our smartphones, such as photos, messages, and login information. While phones offer security measures like fingerprints and passcodes, breaching these safeguards grants access to everything. This is where AppLock Pro steps in.

AppLock Pro is an Android application that provides an additional security layer for specific apps and files. Usually priced at $2.49, it’s currently available for free on the Google Play Store for a limited time.

Download AppLock Pro today and protect your privacy and security.

What is AppLock Pro?

This comprehensive mobile security app enhances your privacy by adding an extra layer of protection to your apps, settings, and media files.

The Android application provides various customizable protection features. You can create a personalized lock screen with your preferred unlocking methods and use it to secure your chosen apps and functions.

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Beyond messenger apps and social media platforms, you can also safeguard your smartphone’s system settings and photos. It can store your photos in the “Media Vault” within the app, an additional gallery for securing specific content that you’d rather not have in your regular gallery.

For added discretion, you can even replace the app icon with that of a calculator.


AppLock Pro offers a wide range of features to help you protect your privacy and security, including:

  • Three different security locks: Choose from a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock to protect your apps and data.
  • Individual lock screen themes: Customize the look of your lock screen to match your personality and style.
  • Media Vault: Secure your photos and videos in a private gallery that’s only accessible with a password.
  • Intruder Selfie: AppLock takes a selfie of anyone who tries and fails to unlock an app or settings, helping you identify unauthorized access attempts.
  • Icon Disguise: The app’s icon can be changed to look like a calculator, enhancing its stealth and security.

AppLock PRO App UI

Get AppLock Pro App for Free:

The Pro version of the AppLock app is currently free on the Google Play Store for a limited time.

To get this app, originally priced at $2.49, for free, simply visit the following link from your Android device:

The app was most recently updated on May 4, 2023, and has garnered a 4.2-star rating from over 4.98 K user reviews, with 100K+ downloads.


AppLock Pro isn’t a replacement for your phone’s lock screen, but it acts as a strong second defense layer. It’s handy for those who share their device or parents looking to limit their kids’ app access.

Keep in mind that the best smartphone security uses multiple layers. Why not give it a shot? It’s free on the Google Play Store right now.