Apple's next OS Snow Leopard leaked to torrent sites

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Microsoft could engineer some quiet breathing,that Windows 7 is not the only operating system downloaded from the torrent sites , now there is also the new OS called the Apple Snow Leopard, which is creating a lot of expectations .

Currently there are at least 2 versions (builds). 10a190 was the first to appear (on The Pirate Bay, Mininova and Demonoid). Now there is also the 10a222 which reached Demonoid.

Unfortunately we can not give you the direct link,because of the incredible battle that Apple is doing on the legal level.

Just talking about risk is that we prefer not to publish any additional details of the Snow leopard ISO file that is circulating in ttorrent sites, especially, it is clear from the source of the news that Apple’s full frontal assault on Wired, that the site had in recent days to show how to install video a Hackintosh, which is known in the jargon of PCs to be installed Mac OS X, through an illegal copy.

However if you search on above torrent sites it doesn’t much time to find it out.