An Apology To all Our Readers

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This post is to inform all readers that on October 20,2010 we started FBVPN giveaway on Techno360 and it was scheduled to end on OCT 31,2010 and the winners should have been announced on November 1,2010.

So the days had passed and on the scheduled date I sent the winners list to FBVPN team, but there is no reply. I waited for 24 hours and the next day once again I forwarded the list , but there is no reply till now.

This is my First bitter experience and I conducted almost 30 Giveaways since the launch of Techno360 and got contacts with Software aggregators like Norton, iolo and REVO GROUP..e.t.c.

Now I was reluctant to conduct another Giveaway on Techno360 after this experience, but I have to report what happened to our previous giveaway to all our readers.

So I apologize to each one of you and I promise that in future I will not entertain these type of Giveaways on Techno360. Hope every one will understand our situation.

Note : The Giveaway page will be deleted with in few days, now it is just kept for reference to readers.

  1. Sad that this happened. Similar thing happened when i won iPod mini on one contest on a blog but the sponsor didn’t reply at all and i didn’t get anything 🙁

  2. Hey, it’s alright! You’ve given us so many free offers that I bet most people didn’t even care anymore. I know I didn’t. You’re giving your readers free stuff AND apologizing…

    Best. Blog. Ever.

  3. It’s our fault, and I found this problem.
    Eric sent the list to me, and I replied with the winners.
    He should forward this email to you, but he replied to me without cc to you…
    I am really sorry for this, and hope we could do something.
    I have forwarded the email to you, and is there anything I could do? please let me know.