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Apeaksoft Phone Mirror Free 1 Year License: Screen Mirroring Made Easy

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Apeaksoft Phone Mirror allows you to mirror the screen of your Android or iOS device on any computer.

It can be inconvenient constantly moving from your phone to your computer when you’re trying to manage multiple devices, such as an iPhone or Android. What if, however, you could control your phone directly from your computer? This is where Apeaksoft Phone Mirror comes in handy.

With the free, one-year license, Windows users can access and manage their phone’s content from their computer. Use Apeaksoft’s Phone Mirror to do anything from reply to texts and transfers to mirroring your phone’s screen.

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About Apeaksoft Phone Mirror :

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, Apeaksoft Phone Mirror can reliably and efficiently mirror its screen onto your computer.

Using this app, you can easily and seamlessly mirror the screen of your phone on your computer without having to set up anything complicated or know anything about computers.

Users who frequently need to mirror their Android or iOS device on a PC screen will appreciate this program. This app is useful whether you just need to take a few screenshots of your phone’s operating system or you want to film a tutorial to show others how to complete a specific task.

The app will work differently on iOS and Android phones. The goal is the same, but the path is different. Android devices need to have the developer tools and USB debugging turned on.

If you will connect wirelessly, you can skip this step. In either case, the software will show you how to mirror the Phone screen on a PC.

Usually, you need to install this program or service’s Android or iOS companion app. Likewise. Again, the software tells you what to do. This is especially true if you use a USB cable to connect your phone. This software puts the companion app on your computer.

Phone Mirror- Install Fonelab Mirror App

Apeaksoft Phone Mirror Features:

  • Mirroring: Allows you to display the contents of your mobile device’s display on a computer screen in real time. The app supports high-quality, real-time streaming of your device’s screen, ensuring a fluent and enjoyable experience.
  • Control: You can control your mobile device from your computer, besides mirroring the screen. So now you may use your computer to view your phone’s data like apps, pictures, and files.
  • It’s compatible with both iOS and Android. Apeaksoft Phone Mirror gives you a lot of options for mirroring your screen.
  • Security: Protecting your privacy and sensitive data is a top priority for the developers, therefore they incorporated the latest in encryption technology into the software.

Get a free 1-year license for Apeaksoft Phone Mirror:

Phone Mirror Giveaway

  1. Visit this giveaway page.
  2. Simply fill out the form with your name, email address, reCaptcha answer, and acceptance of the privacy terms, and then click “Get Now.”
  3. Next, look for a message from Apeaksoft ([email protected]) in your inbox. They will send the license key or activation information in this email.
  4. Download the Phone Mirror Software from https://downloads.apeaksoft.com/
  5. Activate the program following its installation. Simply access the app’s main menu and click the “Key” icon to enter your email address and registration code.
  6. All done!Apeaksoft Phone Mirror License