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Apache – Native American Flute VST Plugin for Free

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Apache – Native American Flute VST will help you create the ethnic sound you want.

Apache is a sampled flute. The Chippewa Natives of Central Michigan, USA, made each flute. With a total of four different Native American flutes, we can hear four different sounds. By mixing the four flute tones together, this VST gives you some unique flute sounds.

With Apache’s simple and light interface, you won’t have any trouble finding a preset or make your own sounds. Minimal FX lets you use the FX you already know (let’s be honest, we all do it), gives you full control over each Flute quickly, and makes it easy to browse presets!

The interface has three main sections:

On top: FX Adjustments in Depth and a Preset Browser

Here you’ll find all of your FX parameters and your Preset Browser. This section makes it easy to browse, change, and tweak your sounds.

Middle: Banjo/Sampler Adjustments

The sampler engines for your flute instruments are in this section. You can quickly change your samples to get the sound you want.

Bottom: Quick Changes for FX.

These are even faster ways to add FX and get a feel for your sound. They are linked to the same-named FX in the TOP SECTION.

Apache - Native American Flute VST

Apache is a lightweight VST who hits like a heavyweight. What we’re trying to say is that it uses little CPU but still has a lot of power. With an easy-to-follow Install Guide, it’s quick, easy, and painless to set up, so you’ll be making something new in no time. Let’s all try to make something new, unique, and SPECIAL. We hope that this VST will help you do that!

Get Apache (worth $14) for Free:

Just visit the giveaway page and hit the “Download” button.

Next, hit “Proceed to Checkout” and fill out a form, then click the “Place Order” button.

The giveaway page will reveal the license code.

To redeem your purchase.

Start by registering your account at https://newnationllc.com
then add the product to your cart on the New Nation website with the following link: https://newnationllc.com/vst/anative-american-flute
Next, use the code to reduce your cart total to $0.

Download Includes:

  • VST3 (Windows)
  • VST3 & AU (Mac)
  • Easy Install Guide
  • 10 Factory Flute Presets
  • Compatible with all DAWs (excluding Pro-Tools)