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AOMEI World Backup Day Giveaway 2024 - $170 Worth Softwares for Free

AOMEI World Backup Day Giveaway 2023 Box Shot

AOMEI World Backup Day Giveaway has started and now you can get $170 worth of four data backup software for free.

World Backup Day is on March 31, and AOMEI wants to celebrate by giving its five popular products worth $170 for free.

AOMEI World Backup Day Giveaway 2024:

Have you ever lost your important data because of a hard drive failure, a virus attack, a ransomware infection, or a human error??

If yes, then you know how painful and frustrating it can be to recover your files or start from scratch.?

If not, then you are lucky but not safe. Data loss can happen to anyone at any time.?

That’s why you need to backup your data regularly and keep it in a secure location.?

Backup is the best way to protect your data from any disaster and ensure that you can restore it quickly and easily.?

But how do you backup your data? What tools do you use? How often do you backup? Where do you store your backups??

For backups, many people have these questions. And that’s why AOMEI launched the “World Backup Day Giveaway” for you.?

This is a special event that celebrates the importance of backup and offers you a chance to get five popular AOMEI products that ensure Data Security for All your devices

All you need to do is visit this giveaway page and hit the “Get” button to claim all software or the software that you prefer.


The 4 popular AOMEI products that are available for free are:

  1. AOMEI Backupper Pro (worth $39.95).
  2. AOMEI FoneTool Pro (worth $29.95).
  3. AOMEI CBackup (Free)
  4. AOMEI Cyber Backup Unlimited for $499 (Worth $999)
  5. AOMEI MyRecover Pro (worth $49.95)
  6. AOMEI MyRecovery for iOS (worth $29.95)

The World Backup Day giveaway will be available till March 31st (2024).


About AOMEI Backupper Pro:

Reduce the risk of data loss and backup your Windows desktop PC or laptop with this smart and reliable backup & recovery software.

Key Features:

AOMEI FoneTool Pro:

One of the best iPhone backup and transfer tools–provides an easy and efficient iPhone backup strategy. Be free from data disasters or unknown causes. Easily backup and transfer your iPhone, iPad, iPod data.

Supports backing up and transferring multiple iPhone data including photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, etc.

Key Features:

About CBackup:

Online backup service, securely back up your PC data & Cloud Data to Cloud with free unlimited storage.

CBackupper can back up all your data to the cloud, and combine all your cloud space to store your backup files. The whole process is free of charge.

Key Features:

AOMEI Cyber Backup Unlimited:

Backup VMware and Hyper-V with AOMEI, an automated, all-in-one solution for virtual machine backup and recovery that boasts 12 years of experience.

Key Features:

About AOMEI MyRecover Pro:

If you lose data on your computer, this tool can help you get it back.It can get data back from hard drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). The software can also retrieve lost information after unintentional deletion, disk formatting, virus infection, or a computer crash.

Key Features:

About AOMEI MyRecovery for iOS:

Photos, videos, audios, contacts, apps, messages, and more important data are all stored on the phones that people use every day. When your phone data is lost because of physical or logical damage, the AOMEI Phone Data Recovery can help users get back important phone data.

Key Features:

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