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AOMEI MBackupper Pro is a Windows-based iPhone backup utility. It enables you to create a full or partial backup of your iPhone, as well as other iOS devices, in order to safeguard sensitive data.

AOMEI is a renowned data security firm with ten years of experience and major technological patents.

MBackupper is a Windows-based software application. MBackupper enables us to explore our iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices’ Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, and Messages.

In addition, you can backup data in these devices to your computer. When the data in the device is accidentally deleted or lost, or when you need to transfer data to a new device, you can restore this data from the computer to the device.

 Get AOMEI MBackupper Pro for Free:

Download the installer or setup file from here[1.33 MB].

Run the installer, and complete the installation process.

Open the main program window, navigate to the MENU option at the top right, and click REGISTER.

Enter below license code and hit the “Register” button.


AOMEI MBackupper Pro License

About AOMEI MBackupper Pro

MBackupper allows you to access Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, and Messages on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices from your PC.

You can also back up the data on these iOS devices to your PC. You can recover data from the computer to the iOS device if it has been accidently erased or lost, or if you need to transfer data to a new iPhone.

Key Features:

  1. Migrate your old iPhone data to the new iPhone 13 in segments or all at once.
  2. With just one click, you can transfer your photographs, contacts, messages, and iTunes library to the new device with lightning speed.
  3. With just one click, you can move optional data from your iPhone to your PC, see or analyze data on your PC, and free up space on your iPhone.
  4. With this flexible backup app, you may backup practically anything on your iPhone before/after switching, ensuring that essential data is swiftly recovered in the event of an accident.
  5. To safeguard your privacy, wipe your old iPhone permanently with one click for resale or other purposes. It’s superior to a factory reset.

AOMEI MBackupper UI -main window