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Do you want add watermark your Photos or protect your photo copyright, here is a good choice for you, $30 worth Aoao  Photo watermark software now available for free as part of the Halloween Giveaway by  AoaPhoto Digital studio.

Aoao Watermark for Photo or Aoao Photo Watermark software allows you to add transparent watermarks (text, image and frame) or customizable watermarks to protect and copyright your photos from unauthorized copying or sharing.

Generally photographers, professional graphic designers and artists use digital watermark  software  to protect their artistic work from unauthorized using, because they earn money through Photos and  they don’t wish their  images being  altered or used without their permission. Watermarking a photo is one of the best and effective safety measure to protect their photo copyright, because  it’s very hard to remove watermark from images.

Also nowadays  websites and blogs are using watermark  software  to prevent  image theft , they generally add text watermark or add  a logo to their site images to deal with unauthorized users. If any website or blog republish other site (watermarked ) photos, visitors will know whose is the original publishers of  those  photos through the watermark.

For those who are new to the term  ‘Watermark’, it’s nothing but adding a unique mark  to your photos, these marks may represent the identity of  a person or company or a website. The watermark can be either text, image or logo, e.t.c.

Coming  back to Aoao Photo watermark software, it has an easy-to-use interface and with this you can add text watermark and image watermark to your digital photos.

Not only this , you can add frame for your photo, crop and resize image size that you need, batch rename, and adjust image quality. The photo watermark software supports most popular image formats, such as BMP JPEG GIF PNG TIF TGA PSD etc.

Key Features of Aoao Watermark for Photo:

  1. Supports batch watermarking mode :  Developer boasts that you can add watermark to 300 plus photos in 1 minute through Batch watermarking.
  2. Full control over placement ( you can drag & place the marking) and size of the watermark.
  3. Free watermark materials
  4. Provides 3 photo frame setting methods: Texture, Pattern and Out Line
  5. Convert or save images to popular image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TGA, etc.
  6. ZERO Image Quality Loss and Faster Speed.

Get Aoao watermark software free

Aoao Photo Watermark Software  Free License:

As part of the Halloween Giveaway from Aoao  Digital studio offering $30 worth license of Aoao Photo Watermark software for free. Interested users can head over to this  software publisher Facebook page, hit ‘Like’ button and get the license code of  the software. This giveaway will end on November  5, 2013.

Others or  those who hate Facebook can utilize below  licenses details provided by the developer .

Reg Name:  Aoao

Reg License :  B213FBFCFD9A4BD6E7D4C677FCFEFD9C92F8F4FC

Giveaway version limit:  No Free upgrades and Technical support.

Download : Aoao Watermark for Photo



  1. Thanks for the notification about this giveaway. Aoao Photo Watermark seems a good watermarker.

    I just wonder whether it could be installed after the promotion period is over.

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