AnyTrans for Android for FREE instead of $40 [File Manager for Android]

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AnyTrans for Android is an Android manager for PC & Mac users that allows the users to easily transfer files and data from their computer to Android devices.

The software lets you transfer, backup and manage your android content in one handy place. Normally this app sells for around $40, now this app developer  ‘iMobie Inc’ is offering it as free for everyone.

AnyTrans allows you to transfer all Android data easily across any Android device and computer in minutes. Make a perfect switch from iOS to Android flawlessly.

AnyTrans can :
  1. Transfer your valuable data from Android or iPhone / iPad / iPod to Android.
  2. Download your favorite online videos and songs directly to the Android Phone / Tablet.
  3. Manage your photos, messages, contacts, apps and multiple file types with ease.

AnyTrans is a comprehensive and simple application that helps you to transfer all kinds of data between your computer and  Android devices or from one device to another.

Movie between Android Mobiles:
AnyTrans for Android enables you to migrate data freely between any phones.It breaks the limits of brands, models and Android versions.

Switch from iOS to Android
AnyTrans fills up the huge gap between iOS and Android systems, and makes the switch insanely easy as just one click. No fear of compatibility issues. All your data from iPhone will be automatically converted to Android supported format.

anytrans for android

Launch AnyTrans on your computer and connect your iOS or Android device after installing it successfully. Then, the main interface will display. And you can click the button to display AnyTrans in full screen as you need.

Key Features AnyTrans for Android:

  • Move Data Between Android Mobiles Freely
  • Switch from iOS to Android Seamlessly
  • Download Online Videos and Music
  • Keep Personal Info Safe and Clear
  • Take Care of Your Media Collections
  • Manage All Your Android Apps Efficiently

Get AnyTrans for Android for FREE

Today Chip German website is offering the full version of iMobie AnyTrans for Android as part of their Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 program.

You can visit the giveaway page and download the zip file or you can opt this alternate direct link [Windows version].

Install the software and you will notice the interface language is in German.

To change the language :

  1. Visit and download the  Anytrans installer setup, Launch it and select Android Device Manager(, install it on other partition.
  2.  Launch the Free version, choose your preferred language as English.
  3. Go to the installation folder –> Language, copy the English folder or download it from this link.
  4. Now paste this folder in giveaway version folder and remove the DE (German) folder.
  5. Uninstall the free version and when you launch the giveaway version, its interface should be in English.

Note:  The software supports Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Arabic languages. You can do this trick for other languages too.

AnyTrans Android Device Manager