Anycolor-create custom themes for Firefox

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AnyColor is a Firefox extension that allows us to create custom themes for your browser . you Can easily modify almost all aspects of the interface such as buttons, title bar and so on, all through custom color schemes.

The good news is that using AnyColor you can almost completely change the look of Firefox, and not even have to restart the browser to do so because the changes are so dynamic, so you can try a large number of schemes in a few seconds and Select which you like.


AnyColor allows you to:

  • Choose your own colors and preview them immediately.
  • Select background images for the top and bottom part of the browser’s main window.
  • Choose one of the built-in appearance presets or create your own.
  • Create “appearance scripts” and change the browser’s appearance using dynamically generated content

Ultimately, AnyColor stands as a good and effective alternative (Personas ) to customize Firefox to the maximum with a complete visual appearance according to user’s tastes, offering simple and easy handling.

Link: Anycolor