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Anvi Smart Defender pro is designed to seek out, destroy, and prevent malware. This is an easy-to-use and lightweight detection and prevention program, which can monitor every process and stop malicious processes in the background before they even start.

Anvi Smart Defender is a anti-malware tool that offers multiple scan levels as well as cloud-based scanning and extras that clean and optimize your PC and repair issues caused by malware and
garbage files.This security app   delivers smart and powerful protection against malicious software, such as virus, Trojans, adware, spyware, bots and other threats. With the Swordfish Engine, it scans and detects these threats fast and lightly.

The Guard Module gives your PC powerful protection, and the Cloud Scan Engine provides you a smart way for PC security.Also this windows application adds system optimization function to speed up your PC and provides cloud scan feature to protect your PC more effectively.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro has five function modules. They are Scan, Cloud Scan, Guard, Optimize and ToolBox.

1.The Scan:

This function is based on known threats, with the database update daily, it can detect the latest threats in order to protect users’ PC from malware threats.You can choose one of three scan modes: Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan.

2.Cloud Scan:

This is a featured function of Anvi Smart Defender, which help users verify unknown or suspicious files on computers. With a simple “Cloud Scan” button, it will scan the most commonly infected areas of computer, and users could select to upload them to Anvi Online Cloud Server for verification. Choose the file you want to scan, upload it to Anvi cloud server, and you will get the scan report.


This is the most need function of an anti-malware program. It provides real-time protection when users surf on the Internet, such as chat online, online transaction, bank check, browser website, etc.

Real-time guard provides constant protection for your computer through five guards: Privacy Guard, Startup Guard, Process Guard, Behavior Guard, Files Guard

4. Optimize :

An assisting function of Anvi Smart Defender. Its goal is to help users speed up PC and gain new PC feeling. With this function you can Clean up and maintain your computer. This module includes: System Optimize, Registry Fix, Privacy Cleaner, Memory Sweep, Disk Defragment.

5.ToolBox: Includes Cloud System Booster, Windows Update Downloader, and Anvi Ad Blocker.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro For Free:

This software sells for $25, now you can get unique  license of  Anvi Smart Defender Pro v1.5 for free, which is valid for one year.

1.Just visit this free offer page, enter your email ID  and request license.

2.Download :Anvi Smart Defender v1.5

3.Install the software, run the app and on the main interface click “upgrade” to enter the Anvi Smart Defender Pro license code that you received.