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AntiBrowserSpy  2016 is a windows utility  that allows you mange and improve the security of browsers installed on your PC. This security  tool lets you remove surfing traces, clean browser garbage and backup your browser settings.

Today’s web browsers send back data to the manufacturer, sometimes an ID is transferred and sometimes the URL of pages that are not found. Browser manufacturers integrate functions or process which are collecting information about the users surfing behaviour.

Many of these process are difficult to switch off even for experienced users and are mostly not accessible via the browser menu. It becomes a breeze with AntiBrowserSpy. With one click, all installed browsers can be set optimally.

This software works with popular  browsers – Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. The application’s Stealth-Browser feature prevents Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome from recognizing the user based on his or her browser “fingerprint“.

The utility  can create backups automatically in the background and completely destroy surfing traces (cache, cookies and history). Once set, the program does by itself the given tasks, e.g. every time you start the computer. You don’t have to worry about anything else.

Social Network Block feature  of this app  protects your browser from being tracked by Facebook, this  feature intervenes and prevents the loading of social plugins and replaces  them with a placeholder. Only after clicking on one of these placeholders, social plugins are loaded.

Key Features of  AntiBrowserSpy 2016:

  1. Disable espionage features of browsers with one click.
  2. Stealth feature randomizes UserAgent, so browser fingerprint cannot be tracked.
  3. Removes Internet Traces.
  4. Schedule cleanups and backups.

AntiBrowserSpy is easy to use, most of the functions can be achieved with a few mouse clicks. If you want it in detail, you can change the settings specifically for each browser in various sub-menus.

Get AntiBrowserSpy 2016 for Free :

AntiBrowserSpy 2016 costs €29.95, with ‘heise Adventskalender’ promo interested users can get the full-version of this software for free. Visit this promo page and hit the green colour ‘Zum download’ button to download the installer or from this alternate link.

Run the installer, finish the installation process and you don’t need any activation code as the installer itself offers the full version.