anonymoX: Hides Identity, Provides USA/UK IP

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By reading the title itself , you can understand that anonymox is a service that hides your true identity and allows to acess websites blocked in certain geographical locations, such as HULU available only in USA/UK.

Also you can find that  several software promotions or software freebies are restricted to only US/UK  ip’s, to acess them , you need to buy either a VPN or search for free proxies.

But in my experience, I found several difficulties  with free proxies as their IPs change often, sometimes you  have to spend a lot of time searching for the right IP of free proxies and if it is a good free proxy addresses, the service will be  overcrowded  that will seriously slow down browsing.

anonymoX will put an end to all these troubles , this free Firefox addon provides fast and  easy anonymous web browsing.So that you can access GeoIP restricted websites easily and at that same hides your real identity  from internet giant Google.

This app will be bypass many sorts of blocking methods by using a virtual Identity and  best thing is that can change the IP and place with only a few simple clicks without having to use proxies. This add-on works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

anonymoX enables you to…

  • Change your IP-Adress
  • Browse the web anonymously
  • visit blocked/censored websites
  • Bypass GeoIp-Blocks: appear to originate from another country
  • visit websites via Tor, I2P and JonDo. Also access hidden sites
  • Basic Support for the Tor and I2P network
  • set separate anonymization settings for each website.
  • Delete cookies that show your public ip and change browser id.

How to Use anonymoX ?

AnonymoX is available as firefox add-on and offers two different service levels : basic & premium, the free basic service has fewer features but it really works properly and it’s fast.

At free level you can choose your favourite IP country :between USA, UK and NL. Also, you can decide if you prefer to stealth your web surfing using anonymoX features or the classic TOR servers. Moreover, you can change your fictional ID every times you want also while you are surfing the web.

Just download this Firefox addon, install it,restart your browser, the app automatically enables a random “identity” and sits on your Firefox addon.

To change identity to get a new IP Address,simply click the blue button o n the add-on bar, you’ll then be able to pick a specific identity from the list provided, including US and UK IPs. The app will show you what identity you are now connected to, and which IP is publicly visible. Clicking on this information will allow you to change it.

I used this app for almost 2 months and it effectively provided anonymity , I switched IP address to various locations all over the world quickly and I recommend this app to those who value internet freedom and privacy.


  1. Thank you for a great article. Will there be a conflict, however, if there is a VPN already installed on the computer?

  2. Thanks for the great information !!
    Is there any disadvantage or side-effects of using anonymoX.

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