Animeev- Download from megaupload like a premium user

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Among the various Free Hosting services on the network, the most famous are certainly RapidShare and MegaUpload , although there are limitations for free users .

Limitations that we commonly found on free users in downloading a file are mainly about the time waiting between one download to other and speed limitation(kb/s).when it comes to uploading the limitations mainly concern on the size of the files that we upload.So today we are providing tool or website that bypass these Barriers in Megaupload..

Animeev a little site that allows you to exceed the limit imposed by MegaUpload to download a file.

This web site offers three main services:

  • Download from Megaupload like a premium user
  • Download from Megavideo like a premium user
  • Watch Megavideo videos like a premium user


I think you can understand seeing above services,all you have to do is just put the link of the file in the box that you want to download and click Download button. In short we can say this a site that allows you to go beyond all the limitations imposed by MegaUpload & Megavideo with two simple mouse clicks

Animeev Megaupload Bypasser
We don’t know when this site was launched,however we are testing this service for past 3days and the site is working normally,except the third link Watch Megavideo videos like a premium user was down yesterday.
Now it’s up to you to test this service and yield good results.

Link: Animeev