Angel Writer,Free Alternative to MS Word

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Angel Writer, a Microsoft Word alternative is useful for those who just want MS Word to open and make minor changes to their .doc files.

Despite as an alternative to MS word,it is apt for text editing purposes. Besides, Angel Writer has rich features for editing text and creating documents in various formats like TXT, RTF, HTML.But the only drawback in Angel Writer is it does not acknowledge the widespread DOC format(ODT, OTT) or Open Document format (ODF).

Angel Writer has an comfortable interface similar to MS word ,you can see the interface is close to MS word 2000 or 2003.In addition, its light weight allows you to manage and process documents much faster.

Key  features :

  • Create impressive documents w
  • Easy interface like Microsoft Word
  • It’s fast and only 2MB in size
  • loads and works really quickly-low memory Consumption
  • Free to use

Download: Angel Writer 3.2

Official website: