AMC Security Pro Android App Free License

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AMC Security Pro from Iobit is an all-in-one protector and booster for your Android phone, the one year license of this app costs $19.99, but now Iobit Started spring Giveaway (March 17- 22) and offering a 3-month free premium license.

AMC Security Pro not only protects your android device from virus and other security threats, the app also boost the device by cleaning junk on your phone, extend battery life, kill unnecessary tasks, uninstall unwanted apps, block calls and SMS.

This app mainly focuses security of your android phone, to secure your device it offers an antivirus scanner, anti-phishing module, anti-theft module, web surfing guard, payment guard and security guard.

The Antivirus scanner offers two types of scans fast scan & deep scan, fast scan quickly scans the device to find threats in your device, where deep scan is comprehensive that checks every file on your device and time-consuming.

The anti-phishing module protects your online identity theft from fake websites, web security module keeps you safe against the rogue, malicious sites and theirs traps while you browse the Internet using the default Android browsers or chrome.

The Anti-Theft module helps you find your lost phone by alarming, tracking the place, and even remotely wiping data. The security guard module allows you switch on/off settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and debug mode.

AMC Security Pro interface is pretty simple, on the apps main screen you will notice a  big ‘Scan’ button, below you will see the booster and security button, tap the booster button to immediately close or hibernate the apps running in the background.

Tapping the ‘Scan’ button from the main screen will display the amount of space that can be reclaimed by cleaning up junk and you can choose the deep scan option to further look for big files and unwanted caches.

Key Features of AMC Security Pro:

  1. Anti-Phishing: Real-time detects malicious sites that designed to steal your personal information.
  2. Payment Guard: Provide a safe way to handle your payments on mobile and forbid anyone to steal your money from the Internet.
  3. Anti-Theft: Pro helps wipe data remotely to avoid information leak.
  4. Scheduled Scan and clean: It allows you schedule when and how often to scan and clean your Android device automatically with hassle-free.
  5. Database Auto Updates: It will update to the latest version of database automatically in real-time.
  6. Contacts & SMS Vault: Allows you to hide private SMS/call logs or even secret Contacts records from your phone system. Activate this Vault in Privacy Locker so that no prying eyes on your data.
  7. Multiple Devices Pro: One Pro account supports 3 devices at the same time.

Free premium license code of AMC Security – Clean & Boost:

SOS is now offering 6-month premium license code of AMC Security Pro free for limited time, this giveaway from SOS is time limited, available until May 5, 2017.

As the premium code is same for all users, you can simply download the  AMC Security app from Google Play, launch the app and tap the ‘hamburger button‘ located at the top left of the main screen, then tap on ‘Enter code’ option and enter the premium code as  SHAREWONSALE4UB5 and tap the OK button.

Next, tap on ‘sign up’ option to create an account.