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Do you want an accurate altimeter app for your iPhone so that you can use it while hiking, climbing, or doing other outdoor activities?

Fortunately, you have come to the right place! The Altimeter & Precision – Simple app, made by Studio Nano Ship, Inc., is now available for free on the iOS App Store.

You’ll need an altimeter if you want to know how high you are above sea level while hiking or camping. With the use of sensors and GPS, altimeter applications have made a process that used to be cumbersome with standard altimeters much simpler.

About Altimeter & Precision-Simple App

In the App Store, this altimeter has the highest rating possible. It has a remarkably precise display and you can choose from 16 different backgrounds. Anyone who values their privacy will be happy to know that the software does not track or bombard them with advertisements.

Keep in mind that walls, tall buildings, and other obstacles can interfere with the app’s ability to use GPS to detect your elevation if you are indoors. The user’s accuracy will increase if they keep their field of vision unobstructed from the horizon in all directions.

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Key Features

  • Accurate Readings: The app gives precise readings of altitude and position that you can rely on.
  • Unlike many other apps, the app does not bombard you with intrusive advertisements, so you may enjoy the app without interruption.
  • This iOS app respects your right to privacy by not collecting or sharing any information about you with outside parties.
  • You can personalize your experience by selecting one of 16 unique backdrop colours.

Get Altimeter & Precision App for Free:

For a limited time only, you can download this iOS app for free from the App Store. Normally, it costs $0.99.

Visit this App Store link: to get the app immediately.