alternativeto: Find alternatives to Software

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Alternativeto is a very helpful website or directory to find alternatives to softwares.

Alternativeto website provides alternate software’s for your computer/PC  (Linux, Mac & Windows),alternate apps for your mobile phone (android, iOS & Windows phone) and alternate plugins or extensions for your browsers (Chrome & Firefox).

AlternativeTo helps people find good alternatives to applications and web services that they for some reason want to replace. You search for something you want to replace and get a list of alternatives, sorted based on the votes from other visitors.

If you are looking for an alternative to Skype for your iPad, you can find over 37 alternatives or say you want to know the alternative browsers for Google Chrome available for Android, then you can save time hunting for them on the web by using this simple tool.

alternativeto is a webtool that allows you to search for software and apps not just by functions, but based on platform too.

For example, you can search for alternatives to Excel under ‘Utilities’ or look up for tools available for  particular platforms like Android, Mac and Windows.

You can select the platform and then narrow down your search by selecting the functions .On entering the search term in the search field, the results will show you alternatives for the software you have specified and for the platform you have selected.

You can then find further information about the tools by clicking on them, and in case you like an app, you will also find a link to download it.

You can also contribute to website by registering an account.The site supports Facebook, Google and Microsoft sign-ins, so you likely won’t have to sign up for yet another account.Registered users can edit contents, suggest alternatives and also report unsuitable content.

Overall, AlternativeTo is a best website that offers good advice on software – if you’re looking for an alternative to the software you are currently using then they probably have a good idea what that might be, all based on user recommendations. This site is run by two guys called Ola and Markus.