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Alternative To
Are you  searching for a good software or simply an alternative to what you are using? then you must  consider AlternativeTo ,which is an expert in providing alternatives to popular applications .
we know that there are many applications that are quite good but unfortunately they are only for a specific platform. For example in Mac, there is a program to manage our tasks. Thus, users of other  platform often lose the opportunity to enjoy good user experiences with those programs. But there are alternatives or options that can be found on other platforms t00. These options allow us to perform the same task that the original application do.

Precisely for this purpose AlternativeTo was created . AlternativeTo collects the best alternative programs and shares them to helps you in finding the best software application , and without paying for it.

For example, you are looking for an alternative Firefox Browser ,it will show you some great applications like safari,Google chrome as alternatives.


For every collection of software , AlternativeTo offers alternatives that do the same operation, so you can choose the one that best serves you. The proposed applications are sorted according to the valuation of the users , as assessed by the number of votes received. The programs are classified according to the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux or online) and the license type (Free or Commercial).

Each application includes a brief description, some screenshots and, of course, the official website of the software and if you are willing to contribute there are options to suggest applications, rate and leave your comments

Link : AlternativeTo