Alder's Blood Prologue Game -Free Prequel Available for Download

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Alder’s Blood is a strategy title from No Gravity Games that is set release on Feb 12, 2020. The game publisher No Gravity Games released Alder’s Blood Prologue, a free prequel to the upcoming game’s story.

Right now this free mini-prequel is available at GOG store. If you wish to play this game then visit the .

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Tip: You can directly download this Indie game from the publisher page or from this direct link[195 MB].

The game is a dark mix of tactical strategy and RPG – set in a twisted, dying world. World, where God is dead and it was us – who killed him.


🔸Tactical Strategy combat
🔹Stealth and preparations
🔸A sneak peek into the twisted world of Alder’s Blood
🔹Diversity of approaches
🔸Prologue – NOT a Demo
🔹Hey, it’s free – enjoy


About Alder’s Blood Prologue  :


Alder's Blood Prologue story

The story takes place before the events from Alder’s Blood and changes the perspective from Chief of the Hunters – to a commoner, named Charles.

Charles, like everyone else in this cruel world, is struggling to stay alive. Daring his luck, out of bravery or desperation – he aims for a quick buck and attempts to hunt the spawns of darkness. If he’ll survive – income from reselling the remains of the beasts will secure his livelihood for weeks to come.

What he is not aware of, is how his story will soon unfold and his life… changed forever.

In the world ruled by misery and humanity rotting in the shadow of God’s dead carcass – death becomes mercy.