Alcohol 120% Free 1 year License

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Alcohol 120% is a popular and advanced CD/DVD burning and emulation software with comprehensive functions.

Many gamers must have known this software, the software is famous for image building and burning these images to discs. Not just DVDs, the software supports HD DVD and Blu-ray format.


With Alcohol 120% you can create backups of DVDs, CDs and can store theme as images on external storage/ PC hard drive or burn images to DVD/CD.

The software offers over 31 virtual drives, so just with a click you can mount the images on any one of these virtual drives.

The unique thing about this software is that you can easily backup your game CDs and movie DVDs without worrying about the disc scratches and treat multimedia disks roughly.


For business people, the program offers iSCSI server that allows users to share any drive over a network with other computers,  you can share a CD or DVD Writer with other machine, it will even let you burn a disc just like it was on your local drive.

The best thing about the Alcohol 120% is its simple and well structured user interface. The program offers step-by-step guides which are helpful for first time users in creating and burning images.

Key Features of Alcohol 120%

  1. Supports the t Blu-Ray format and HD DVD.
  2. Mounts virtually any image files created, even from other software.
  3. Provides up to 31 virtual drives
  4. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.


To get this CD/DVD emulation and burning software license for free, visit today’s  Chip Adventskalender promo page.

Click on “Manuelle Installation” link  and in the next page click the blue button “Download-Server CHIP Online” to download the installer or directly from this alternate link (9.6 MB).


Next run the installer, you will see yellow color window with product code and empty  user id & registration code fields, in that screen click “internet” tab which will  open a webpage in your default web browser or visit this page .


In that webpage, enter  your email address , agree terms (select the box) and  click “Gratis Freischaltcode anfordern” button, you will be forwarded to another page.


Now , enter your first name, last name, pin code (zip code), select your country  and finally click the “Speichern” button.


Next, check our email-Inbox to receive conformation email from ‘MediamTeam66’, click the conformation link to receive second email with  user id and registration code.


Copy & paste  user id and registration (freischalt ) code in the  Yellow color window on your desktop and go ahead installation by clicking the “OK” button.


Finally, restart your PC & finish the installation process.After completing the process, launch the app and click “Register” button, once again  enter user name (user id) &  Serial Number (registration code) you received.



  1. To avoid errors, it better to enter the serial number manually instead of copy & paste.
  2. My suggestion is use chrome browser with google translate.