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Aiseesoft FoneEraser Free For 1 Year: Erase IOS Data Permanently And Protect Your Privacy

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Aiseesoft FoneEraser is the most effective software for permanently erasing all iPhone content and settings.

The protection of personal information is a major issue in the modern world. As our dependence on electronic devices grows, we accumulate a wealth of private data there.

Credit card numbers, emails, and other private information are just some of the sensitive data that we keep on our phones, tablets, and other digital devices.

What happens to our information if we sell, donate, or lose our old devices? Aiseesoft FoneEraser is perfect for this purpose.

What is Aiseesoft FoneEraser?

You can wipe any data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod by selecting one of three optional erasing levels. With the ability to connect numerous iOS devices, you can erase all files and settings on several devices at the same time, saving you time.

The procedure of erasing files from iOS devices can be difficult because iPhones save data in such a way that it can be recovered using a variety of applications or online services.

FoneEraser can help you permanently erase data from your iOS device so that it cannot be restored in any way.

FoneEraser is capable of permanently erasing a wide range of iPhone information and settings.

Aiseesoft FoneEraser Interface

Text contents (Contacts, Text Messages/iMessages, Call history, Calendar, Notes, Reminder, and Safari bookmark) and Media (Music, Videos, Photos, iBooks, Podcast, iTunes U, TV Shows, Music Videos, Ringtones, Audio Books, Voice Memos), App, documents, and settings are among the contents. You can put your mind at ease even if you resell your old iPhone on eBay.

This professional software offers three ways to clean the data on iOS devices. When you need to delete sensitive work documents or personal documents for any reason, you can use one of the three levels offered by this app.

Low-level: delete data quickly by overwriting only once, saving you time for many data files.

Medium level: Remove all traces of previous use from your iDevice by writing over the existing data twice.

High-level: Fully erase data by overwriting data three times, which is the safest and most efficient approach to bring your iOS to a brand new condition.


  • Can erase multiple devices(up to 4) at once.
  • Offers Three Erasing Levels for Permentally erasing data.
  • Protects your privacy by completely erasing all of your iPhone’s content and settings and overwriting your phone’s storage space to ensure that your contents are unrecoverable.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Supports almost all iOS devices.

Get Aiseesoft FoneEraser license key for Free:

Aiseesoft FoneEraser’s one-year license usually costs USD $36; however, for a limited time, the developers are offering their product license-free to all people.

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Enter your name and email address, agree to the terms of the privacy policy, and click the “Register” button.

Following that, you will receive an email from “” with a registration or license code; copy the code.

Download the setup file or installer from the developer’s website:

Run the installer, complete the installation, and when you start Aiseesoft FoneEraser for the first time, an activation window will appear.

Copy and paste the registration code and enter your email address.

Finally, click the “Register” button to get a free one-year subscription.

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