Airtel & Aircel to bring iPhone 4 to India

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While the rest world is waiting or discussing about the launch of iPhone 5, now officially after almost 10 months from its launch date the Apple iPhone 4 is finally reaching to India via Airtel & Aircel, India’s Leading Mobile service operators.

According to press release, Bharti Airtel & Aircel will launch iPhone 4 in India in the coming months. iPhone 4 is the most innovative phone in the world, featuring Apple’s stunning Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone and FaceTime, which makes video calling a reality.

Both companies didn’t mention the launch date and there is not word on pricing, but according to our sources iPhone 4 will be launched in India in June a fortnight before or after announcement of iPhone 5. Also the price of the phone will be between above Rs 30,000 and above Rs 40,000 depending on the model (16 G or 32GB ).

Also I except a similar press release from Vodaphone, another leading Mobile service operator in India which usually releases Apple iPhones competing with Airtel.