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First I have to mention that, this post is about my initial experience with Airtel 3G Data card. For past few days I was unable to connect to the web-world through my wired connection “BSNL”, thanks to Metro water diggers in my area and a big thanks to BSNL customer Care employees for their technical Knowledge. I wonder how this Government owned Company will survive in future with the careless attitude and un-competitiveness.

I think it is enough of complaining about so-called “BSNL–Connecting India”, so I was forced to look for a backup for BSNL, because it is the only wired connection in my area.

I thought to go for Wireless broadband devices, I decided to jump in for 3G technology although I know it is in early stage , finally I selected Airtel 3G datcard suitable for my location.
Airtel 3G data card

My view about Airtel 3G Datacard :

First step I contacted Airtel Customer care about data card details, first the customer care employee got confused with 3G mobile plans and once again specified I want to know about Airtel 3G Datacard details and he said there two types of devices one will provide up to 3.4 Mbps speed and costs RS 1499, the second one will cost RS 2499 and provides up to 7.2 Mbps speed.

Now for Reality check, I went in to “Univer cell Mobile store” and asked about Airtel 3G data card they said there is only one type of device available which costs RS 2100 and provides up to 7.2 Mbps speed. I asked the sales person to provide a demo of the speed , but they are un-able to provide and tried to please me by saying that I will certainly get 7.2 Mbps speed.

I thought to leave the store, but there is no alternative to Airtel 3G except Tata docomo. So I made my mind to buy the device and looked for Airtel 3G data card plans, as there is no unlimited plan I choose RS 675 plan which provides provides 1.2 GB free data usage and after that they will charge Rs. 1 Paise/100 KB till the bill reaches Rs. 2,000 ,then speed will be brought down to 20kbps with unlimited browsing for 30 days validity.

But the store sales man said there is server problem from Airtel end and forced e to go for RS 101 plan which provides 100 MB free usage. So at the initial stage totally I spent RS 2201 for Airtel 3G data card.

Now for Airtel 3G data card, you have to choose a Airtel 3G SIM which will be inserted into the data card or device. I selected a fancy number and with in 2 minutes the 3G SIM got activated. After the SIM is activated they recharged for RS 101 and I got a message that the Airtel 3G data card service will be activated with in 4 hrs. I checked after 4 hrs, the device started working and the 100 MB finished with in 30 mins just for browsing.

Airtel 3G data card or USB Modem :

The USB device is made by Huawei and it is very attractive in white colour with new Airtel logo on it. You need to the move the slider and have to insert the 64 k 3G SIM. Also the device has a Micro SD slot, which is good feature and Airtel never boasted about this Feature.

The USB device has 24.6 MB memory pre-loaded with Airtel 3G connectivity software, both 64 & 32 bit installation files are available. The User interface of the connectivity software is very clean and it allows you to check Text Messages, load contacts in Phone book and check statics of how much data you uploaded and downloaded.

Also you can use the 3G SIM of your data card on a 3G capable mobile, but you know at present 3G call prices are high.

Airtel 3G data card Speed :

After the 3G services are activated, first I went to my closed Bed room and started using the 3G USB modem, to my surprise I got a maximum speed of 200 KB/Sec which is equivalent to 2Mbps. But there is no stability in speed and on average I got 30 KB/S.

Next I went to check on in my terrace or upstairs, but there is no surprise. The maximum download speed I got is 2.5 Mbps  and upload speed is 530 kbps.


Best Plan for 3G

The best plan is RS 675 plan,provides 1.2 GB free data usage and after that they will charge Rs. 1 Paise/100 KB till the bill reaches Rs. 2,000. But for some unknown reason Airtel removed this plan, so users are forced to go for RS 750 plan which provides 2 GB data usage for 30 days validity .

Pro’s & Con’s of Airtel 3G data Card

  1. Airtel 3G data card cannot be an best alternative to your wired connection, but can be useful in places if there is no wired alternative.
  2. Data Cards plans are not reasonable,even 2GB isn’t enough if you have a minimum 2Mbps connection.
  3. Good network connectivity, even you can get a HSPA signal in your bathroom.
  4. The device works on Multi platforms : Windows, Mac and Linux
  5. The Price of Device is reasonable
  6. It is initial stage, I wish they will introduce a better plan

Note : My area or Location refers to Ambattur, Chennai.

After writing this post, my final word is Airtel 3G data card is best in the market in terms of speed and Price, except not having a reasonable tariff plans.

  1. Thanks for your generosity. I hope you will be more successful in the future and your website become more popular.

  2. Many a times, we are also facing different situation which should be shared among the friends. But, we as a user have no facility to upload different content like bills, photos etc to substantiate our experience, as Ramakanth did. Hence, the facility of uploading content may be given to us also….thank you

  3. Thanks for review and your personal experience with the device. Request you to please keep posting such experiences of services and products in the future also.


  4. Hi,

    All the wireless data plans 2G OR 3G from all service providers advertise BURST seed and not average speed.

    As this not a ADSL/DSL, the bandwidth available will depend on the data traffic on that cell tower. More users, lesser the average speed.

    I have a 4mbps Airtel ADSL which is fantastic with 50gb data limit. I get a average >4mbps or about 550kbps on from a Mumbai server.


  5. HI LEARN your all view abt airtel 3g data card n favour you.i am using same data card in madhuravoyal n in room average speed is 20 or 35 n if go upstair then 3 mbps,so i advice you to connect your modem n when airtel window come just exit that window from option n use MDMA SOFTWARE N CONNECT FROM IT SURE YOU WILL GET best speed browsing n downloading in your room also that is best way which i am using dear n if you wana unlock your modem i have code also so that you can switch to another network also

    1. m from bangalore
      the guy from univercell offered me this thing for rs.1000 (airtel)
      nd for the docomo 7.2 he quoted 1999

      @vikas plz help me m thinking a much bigger thing 😉
      my eye are on 21 Mbps data cards
      m on techno360’s fourum
      username : gr8_rayan
      @ ramakant
      i have a question
      dose the data plan of 2g will work in 3g speed ?in this card

      have u tried micromax 352g ?
      are these network locked too
      this one boasts
      HSUPA up to 5.76M bps UL,
      HSDPA up to 7.2M bps DL,

  6. Hi frds this is kiran kumar i am from visakhapatnam(yzag) i am using RELIANCE BROADBAND+ which is equivalent to 3.1MBPS download speed and 1.8MBPS Upload speed and also it is having a wide coverage in AndhraPradesh region
    i think airtel is having less data plans compared to RELIANCE with Airtel i think RELIANCE is a best option if 3G services will be launched in AndhraPradesh then we can get MINIMUM 7.2MBPS and Maximum upto 21Mbps

    and the tariff plans are like this
    1500+tax(10.36%) = UNLIMITED

    Speed base plans
    384kbps plans unlimited = 750 Rs/-
    256kbps plans unlimited = 500 Rs/-
    140kbps plans unlimited = 400 Rs/-

    so get ride in RELIANCE STORE and grab a new RELIANCE BROADBAND+ connection

  7. Dude, need some help in recharge.I am under 675 prepaid plan, unable to recharge it, customer care is pathetic.Could you please let me know how did u rehcrage?

  8. hi,
    how much you got as monthly bill.
    i got 2058 as first month bill..
    i feel it is too much


  9. Has anyone been able to find out how your data usage details.
    How else do you find our your current free data KBs left and use accordingly?
    Is this airtel’s intentional oversight to get at the customer wallet?

  10. Sir , i want to know what is the real price of airtel 3g data card and can i use 2g plan on this card? Sir plz tell me as soon as posible?

  11. Had bought Airtel 3G datacard yesterday. And the speed varies between 1MBPS-2MBPS but it is sufficent for me to run the youtube video stream. Subscribed for 13 GB limit plan which comes around 1250+taxes this data plan is more sufficient for me.

    Location : Hoodi Circle, Bangalore

  12. i was taken Airtel 3G data card but net speed is only 600 kb when solve my problem
    (my calling everyday to customer care there is no response)