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Age of Steel: Recharge PC Game Available for Free

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Age of Steel: Recharge is a tower defense game with some strategy elements. You have to build military units to protect your base. The game is very simple and easy to play, and the controls are also very easy to learn.

Basically, the whole game is about building land and air units, as well as upgrading your base so that you can fight off waves of troops from the other side. This is how the game works: Your job is to protect important areas for the Alliance in its fight against the Opposition with a mobile base that moves around a lot.

IndieGala is now offering this PC game for free.

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Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the “Login” button.

Log in to your Indiegala account or sign up for a new one.

Once again Visit the.

Hit the “Add to Library” button.

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Go to the library and select “Showcase Library” to download the giveaway game.

About Age of Steel: Recharge

“Age of Steel: Recharge” is a 2D strategy with a side view. As the commander, you’re in charge of running the base. When the enemy comes in waves, you have to protect a base at all costs.

Age of Steel :Recharge Game Play

Derailed planet. Endless conflicts nearly ruined our modern countries. Powerful armies were established. The Opposition was the first non-governmental army. Its principal goal was to construct a new civilization. No war, no violence, no tyrants. But only by destroying the old world and civilization.

The remaining major countries were forced to form an organization that could fight back against the opposition.

The Alliance’s leaders felt the opposition’s acts would destroy the Earth and wipe out humanity. They thought that such activities made future civilization restoration impossible. The Alliance guarded humanity’s gathered knowledge. Its leaders thought mankind should end the war.

You lead the Alliance. Your objective is to seize control of the hotspot bases and hold off the opponent.