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Age of Civilizations Africa Android Game was $1.95, Now Free

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Age of Civilizations Africa developed by Lukasz Jakowski is a turn-based strategy game in which your object is to dominate the world.

Now, this Android app price dropped from $1.95 and available for free for the next 7 days.

The app size is around 9.2 MB, it has more than 500,000+ installations and received a 4-star rating from more than 4000 user reviews.

Apart from English, Age of Civilizations Africa is available in 15 languages and to run this game your device OS must be on Android 2.3 and above.

Interested people from your Android phone/tablet visit this link on Google Play and get or install Age of Civilizations Africa app for free.

age of civilizations africa

About the Age of Civilizations Africa:

Age of Civilizations Africa is a turn-based strategy game for Android devices, in this game capital is the most important province of a civilization.

If you lose your capital for three turns, your civilization will no longer exist. If you capture another civilization’s capital, you get all of its provinces.

Capitals have a defensive bonus: +15% and an offensive bonus: +15%. Capitals have all buildings already constructed.

Fort gives you a province a defense bonus in a province (+20%). Construction of a port allows you to go into sea areas. Units at sea can move back onto any land province, even if it doesn’t have a port.

Watchtower allows you to see army numbers in neighboring provinces.

Orders are submitted for each round. The number of orders you can give during each round is limited by your Movement Points for that round.

Transparent provinces are neutral. Provinces with color belong to other civilizations.

After orders are submitted, civilizations execute actions in turn order, which is randomized at the start of each round.

Action menu shows up after you select a province that belongs to your civilization. You can scale the map, to go back to the standard scale, double-tap the map. If the scale is other than standard on minimap you can see ‘!’ in the top right.

Use the Economy and Population buttons to view each province’s Economy and Population values. Use the diplomacy button to view each province’s owner and engage in diplomacy.

In the Diplomacy view, you declare war on other civilizations, peace, alliance, or sign non-aggression pacts between civilizations. To do this choose a province that belongs to another civilization.

  •  War: declare war on a civilization.
  • Peace: give a peace offer to a civilization. If accepted, your civilizations will no longer be at war.
  • Pact: give a pact offer to a civilization. If accepted, the civilizations cannot attack each other for five rounds. This can be canceled through a War order one round in advance.
  • Alliance: give an alliance offer to a civilization. If accepted, that civilization will aid you in your military efforts. Use the War order to let allies know who your targets are.
  • Kick: end an alliance with a civilization.
  • Support: give money to a civilization.