AeroRainbow : Windows 8 Aero Color Rotation In Windows 7

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Among many new features of Windows 8, recently  a new feature adaptive Aero Auto-Colorization has leaked to the public. So Aero in Windows 8 will be able to automatically adapt itself to match your current wallpaper image.

To get this Windows 8 feature on Windows 7, this third-party application called AeroRainbow will bring the Color Rotation functionality to Windows 7.

AeroRainbow is free windows utility that changes color of Aero windows in random order or by pre-definied list of colors. it will will automatically change the aero color after the designated time.

The utility will sit on windows taskbar tray, Left click on tray icon will show current and next colors of AeroRainbow.”Next” color is also clickable and will be changed according to rules of color change.You can configure the app by clicking on “Configuration”.

AeroRainbow offer following options:

    • Speed: adjusts the speed of color change. Moving the slider to left increases speed, while to the right side will decrease the speed.
    • Use tray icon
    • Rules for colors:

1. Always random color tells to AeroRainbow generate and use random color for Aero Glass.

2. Use the colors list option allows you to add your favorite colors to list, and AeroRainbow will use them for Aero Glass.

3.Use wallpaper as color source mode tells to AeroRainbow to use wallpaper as color source for Aero Glass. Windows will be colored close to the color of wallpaper.

4.Use active window as color source – windows will be colored close to the average color of current active window.


Download AeroRainbow

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