Adobe launches Shockwave 11 compatible with Mac OS X

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has released the eleventh version of its Shockwave Player (formerly owned by Macromedia) to run multimedia games from the same browser. Until now, Mac OS X had to run with the help of the Rosetta emulator, but with this new release, Adobe offers full native compatibility with our computers.

This represents a significant increase in yield by not having to emulate anything, as well as new features such as Shockwave support for 3D and playback of content created with Adobe Director. It also supports streaming video.In addition, the player is compatible with Firefox and Safari.

Adobe Shockwave 11 is available for download from its official website and is compatible with all Intel-based Macintosh computers. Now the web player is fully compatible with the chips that have been shipping in all Macs for the past three years. For those with PowerPC-based Macs,Shockwave v10 is still available.

Link: Shockwave 11 for Macs